One of our favorite sayings to live by here is “Marketing is a shot in the dark, you need to take the most accurate shot possible by strategizing and thinking every decision through.”. This saying is what this stage of inbound is, it is thinking through the rest of the stages and planning out exactly how they should happen. We work hand-in-hand with you to ensure that this fits your vision and that it is as effective as possible.

Our Strategy

Customer Personas

Understanding your customer is an important first step in the process of being able to cater your marketing towards them. This phase of strategizing for your campaign is critical to being able to plan your campaign. In this phase, we will help you understand your target audience’s demographics. We will help you identify:

– Job Title
– Annual Income
– Places they look for information
– & more!

This data will then be used again and again over the life of your campaign to ensure that we are using the best content and channels to bring you the best results possible.

Customer Personas

Benchmarks & KPIs

Benchmarks and KPIs

By setting your goals early on in the inbound process, you are giving our team, and yours, something to work towards.  You also are giving both teams a way to identify weak spots in a campaign, realize return on investment, and motivate the team with.

Content & Keywords

Content is an integral part of any campaign, especially an inbound campaign.  Without stellar content, you’re not going to convert prospects viewing your website or value propositions.

Your Keywords also play an active role in helping to get these visitors to your website.  By identifying keywords that are relevant, trending, and important, you are giving users a way to find you.

Content and Keywords


Media Channels

Each business’s target markets use a different platform that we can use to reach them.  Some examples are:

– Facebook

– LinkedIn

– Twitter

– Google

– Instagram

– & more!

Each of these channels have different purposes, uses, and demographics, leaving room to experiment with several, or stick to the ones that historically have worked.