Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ok, you’ve probably heard this thousands of times. SEO is a key factor in the digital age we live in. Here at Digital Tides, we understand this and work with you to develop targeted keyword lists that builds your SEO and helps drive organic traffic to your website.

Our SEO Strategy

Keyword Research

Understanding the proper keywords to utilize is an important step in being able to understand what content to create, optimizations to make, and how we can target specific areas to grow your inbound strategy.
Keyword research helps us to do this by seeing what customers are searching for, what your site is currently ranking for, and how we can target other keywords in our campaigns.

Website SEO

Your Website is the center of your search engine optimization strategy. This is what is indexed by search engines and should be the focal point of your online presence.

Our team brings our years of web agency work to light here, working with our keyword researchers, designers, and you to bring your keyword strategy to life.

Content SEO

Each blog post is an opportunity to increase visibility, prove your authority, and show potential customers what you are able to do. Our copywriters work with our SEO experts to bring your blogs to life in a manner that increases your website’s SEO rankings while still providing deep, detailed content.